3 Hip Metroplex Women

For these 3 ladies, there’s more than just a nice pretty face… there’s a whole lot more!

paper princess  |  popsicle junkie

Heather is wearing a BCBG Max Azria navy gown ($378/Saks Fifth Avenue),
Rachelle Dauphinée gold earrings ($225/Saks Fifth Avenue), and her own gold necklace.

Heather owns Nest in Snider Plaza and Bell’Invito, a stationery studio known for its handcrafted designs. She’s involved with Central Dallas Ministries—a nonprofit that provides the poor with food, housing, employment training, and other services—and also with Predisan, a mission providing mobile water treatment facilities to villages in Honduras.

Philosophy on life: This one’s from my dad: “Good deals will always outlast your money.” And from my mom: “God loves you, and so do I.” Those two pretty much cover everything. What is your guilty pleasure? Which one do I reveal? Probably “Bullet time.” They’re Blue Bell popsicles. I’ve gotten everybody at work addicted. At about 3 pm, when everybody’s fading, somebody asks, “Is it Bullet time?” What’s in your fridge? Oh, gosh, all the stereotypical organic stuff. I love cooking. I do it for therapy. I come in, turn on the music, and start chopping vegetables.


construction queen  |  ex-body builder

Gail is wearing a Carolina Herrera printed dress ($2,890/Stanley Korshak).

You could call Gail lots of things—businesswoman, philanthropist, wife, mother. As the CEO of a successful construction company, she spends some days visiting sites in her jeans and hardhat. But as you can see, she cleans up good. Last year, she and her husband, Wayne, founded the Heart of a Warrior Charitable Foundation in honor of her parents, Melvin and Dorothy Warrior.

What’s your style secret? I love to wear hats. But you’ve gotta have hattitude. You have to wear the hat. The hat can’t wear you. Philosophy on life: Don’t sweat the small stuff. When you think about what’s going on in the rest of the world, your problems are really so small. What’s one thing we’d be surprised to know about you? I used to do body building competitions, and I ran two marathons in Anchorage.


eyebrow guru  |  diet coke fiend

Nikki is wearing a Tibi one-shoulder dress ($345/Saks Fifth Avenue), a Saks Fifth Avenue studded belt ($198/Saks Fifth Avenue), and John Hardy silver bamboo hoop earrings ($295/Saks Fifth Avenue).

When she was a child, Nikki’s family moved from Vietnam during the war to a refugee camp in Arkansas. They soon moved to Dallas to achieve the American dream, and with five successful children, they’ve done it. Recently, the hairstylist and beauty expert launched eyecandy, a custom eyebrow stencil business. 

Philosophy on life: Treat people like you treat your dog. My dog can eat my shoes and I’ll still love it. If everyone could be treated like we treat our dogs, we’d all be happy. What’s in your fridge? Coke and Diet Coke. There are too many restaurants to stay at home and cook.


PRODUCED BY: Gisela Borghi/IA AGENCY, Kristin Hull & Jamie Laubhan-Oliver    
STYLING BY: Mimi Le/Seaminx

Article first appeard in DMagazine: http://www.dmagazine.com/Home/2008/11/20/10_Most_Beautiful_Women_in_Dallas.aspx