Montegrappa & Larusmiani: A Meeting of Italian Excellence Nov29


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Montegrappa & Larusmiani: A Meeting of Italian Excellence

Luxurious Magazine Winter 2012/2013 - The Luxury Digital MagazineThursday 29 November, Montegrappa celebrated their agreement with Larusmiani at the Concept Boutique in Via MonteNapoleone. 
A highly successful cocktail party has sealed the partnership between Montegrappa and Larusmiani, two firms symbolizing the Italian entrepreneur tradition and currently both leaders of style and personality in their respective fields. In a glamorous gathering of celebrities, press and clients, from Carol Alt to Jean Alesi, from Mario Boselli to Elio Fiorucci, these two Italian greats met to launch a partnership based on the sharing of certain values that each has made its trademark: skilled craftsmanship and passion, Italianness and tradition, innovative ability and first-rate quality. Montegrappa, Italy’s oldest manufacturer of writing instruments, was launched in style in the Concept Boutique Larusmiani in Via MonteNapoleone, the utmost expression of brand style and the place where fashion meets art and design. 

‘For 90 years,’ commented Guglielmo Miani, CEO of Larusmiani, ‘our firm has kept alive the same tradition, craftsmanship and values we have found in the excellence of Montegrappa, making them an ideal partner in our Concept Boutique in Via MonteNapoleone.’ 

Until December 2013, Montegrappa will have a display and retail area at the innovative Concept Boutique Larusmiani in Milan’s fashion quadrilateral to show off their range of glamorous, elegant writing materials and offer customers the chance to admire the unique features of products that have made the brand famous in Italy and all over the world. 

‘We chose to join forces with Larusmiani,’ commented Gianfranco Aquila, Chairman of Montegrappa, ‘because we found in them the same values, company tradition and business vision that distinguish our company. We are delighted, in this our centenary year, that through this partnership we can celebrate the utmost expression of Italian made products.’ 

Two interweaving century-old stories, both telling of their ability to grow while cherishing their roots. Larusmiani and Montegrappa, once a ‘small dressmaker’s shop’ in Milan and ‘makers of gold nibs and fountain pens’ from Bassano del Grappa, today synonymous with Italian style, design and craftsmanship.