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Mission Six


Mission Six has wowed the crowds at hundreds of concerts around the country.

Since releasing its debut album, ‘Superhero’ (2008), Mission Six has wowed the crowds at hundreds of concerts around the country and garnered airplay on Radio Disney.  But ask about the greatest success thus far, and it’s back to changing other people’s lives. “We always share the gospel at our shows,” explains Noah. “This past summer, we saw more than 300 kids ask Christ into their hearts. That’s the coolest thing.”

The members — Noah (17, vocals), Michael (17, bass), David (17, drums), and Anthony (18, guitars) — were attending the same Christian school in Evansville, Indiana, and playing soccer together back in fifth grade when they decided to form a musical group. Their new goal, remarkable for a bunch of ten-year-olds, would be to encourage others by singing about the love of God.  In short order, the guys sped up their instrument lessons, got access to rehearsal space at church, gained performance experience by going “youth group hopping”, and landed a record deal.

The band’s third release ‘Shockwave’ has been labeled a “MVP” instead of CD… which stands for Music, Video, and Purpose. The music aspect gives you 10 songs, the 10 music videos, and an episode of iShine KNECT featuring Mission Six. The purpose portion gives you behind the song sessions.  Starting off the album, we have the title track, “Shockwave”. Mission Six brings their signature style to the song, sending a shockwave to impact this world for Christ.  “Lifted High” is a punchy pop/rock track, sure to become a favorite among youth groups.  “Outshout The Lies” challenges the listener to outshout the lies of this world and Satan.  “Sweet Sixteen” is a song written by Noah after his 16th birthday. Teens will be able to relate to this track, since they are getting at the age to solidify their beliefs and life after high school goals.

To be sure, there’s no overlooking the playfulness within this team of teenagers that is just as defining as its spiritual depth. Once asked during an interview about the main message of Mission Six, Anthony got a laugh with the understated answer, “God is fun.” But it’s true; these friends are having the time of their lives singing to Him and consider the Creator a full-fledged band member (hence the “six” in their name). “If you think about it, the Bible is this huge action story — anything but boring. Worshiping God really is fun,” says David.

The endearing Mission Six spirit of fun is most evident onstage, and also online, where the guys post a hilarious recurring segment known as “Band vs. Food.” With classic juvenile abandon, Noah, Michael, Anthony, and David challenge each other to eat sour cream and onion-flavored crickets, cow brain sandwiches, and not just hot, but blazing chicken wings. Balancing the zaniness, there are also regular installments of “Mission Six and You,” an adventurous Bible study series with creative scripts.


Website: www.missionsixband.com/