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Legacy Coach Inc. is owned by Brandon Blythe and located in Rockwell, Texas.

Brandon has been in love with coaches since age 8 when the small excitable boy emphatically asked his parents for a motor home for his Birthday. Though it was not quite what he pictured, his parents bought him a Coleman pop-up camper. All of his spare time went to caring for, improving, and camping in that little Coleman camper. 

For years to come, through camping trips with the family, to road trips with best friends, Brandon and his pop-up made memories. In 2006 after years of being in the motor home industry, Brandon followed his dream, and formed Legacy Coach, Inc.

Today, he and his wife devote their lives to providing the very best experience to each and every customer. To the Blythe’s each sale of a motor home is a chance to put someone else into a memory maker and to share the opportunities that they have had to explore the open road.

There are many reasons to let Legacy Coach help you sell your RV. The process of selling an RV is much like that of selling a house. It takes time, experience, knowledge and the right tools to get the job done right, and get you the most money in the shortest time possible for your coach. Here are some of the top reasons to consider Legacy Coach Inc.

Visibility: Legacy Coach Inc is co-located with Premier Park Place in a known RV business corridor. Along with Legacy Coach Inc. there are five additional RV dealer/service centers in the area. This brings targeted traffic to our area on a daily basis. Each day we post a coach outside the building for display during business hours. We rotate our inventory for maximum visibility, exposing it to thousands of passing potential customers daily.

Inventory Sharing: Legacy Coach Inc. has established relationships with local and national dealers. This allows other dealers to show our inventory, further exposing your coach to potential buyers.

Limited/Upscale Inventory: We purposely limit our inventory to a select group of coaches that represent the best in each category and price range. We are familiar with upscale buyers and what it takes to finalize deals on high-end coaches. 

Knowledge: Our experience in the RV industry brings credibility to the sale as well as enables us to assist customers with technical and lifestyle questions that arise during the sales process. We sell not only your coach but how it will take buyers into the RV lifestyle.

Time savings: We typically schedule 15-30 showings before a unit sells. We publish our personal mobile numbers and are available 7 days a week to meet potential customers. Viewings are scheduled at the customer’s convenience any day of the week.

Relationships: We are in contact with RV owners, dealers and buyers across the country on a weekly basis to try to match your coach with a buyer.

Advertising: After many coaches sold, we know the best way to advertise your coach. Advertising each coach is a careful decision we make to best utilize resources and get maximum exposure for your coach.

Closing/Negotiation: Legacy Coach act as a buffer between you and the buyer. We handle all aspects of price negotiation, sales contracts, title work etc…We offer financing options and extended warranties for buyers.

Service After the Sale: We spend many hours with a buyer during and after the sale, teaching them how to use their new coach. New coach owners may call us at any time of the day with questions and or needs concerning their new coach. There are many buyers who still call us months after their purchase. We are always available to help with their needs or direct them to the best resource.


ADDRESS: 1750 E Interstate 30 Rockwall, TX 75087
PHONE: 214.922.1200