June Hollingsworth Gives You The 411 Mar15


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June Hollingsworth Gives You The 411

By JD Lee | Region Chicago ::

When it Comes to Vision, Desire, Faith and Hair Care, June Hollingsworth Has The Answers!

In a bustling suburb of Chicago, June Hollingsworth is setting a new trend with her flagship J. Alison Salon and Day Spa. Located in Naperville, Illinois and launched in 2009, the 2800 square foot salon and spa is one of the most beautiful establishments in the region. Born and raised in Aurora, Illinois, Ms. Hollingsworth talks about the struggles of life and the journey that led her to launch out on her own and establish a new business with nothing more than a vision, a great deal of desire, and a measure of faith.  JD Lee dives right into the conversation with Ms. Hollingsworth and talks about the things that have made her a successful entrepreneur.  

J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #1
To grease or not to grease. What is the answer? Did you grow up with the faithful jar of Bergamot, Ultra Sheen or good old Vaseline? Did your Mom regularly “grease” your scalp? Part it, dip the finger in grease and run it down the parts? We were told that greasing the scalp grew our hair and that it was not only good for the hair, but absolutely necessary. Truth is, greasing your scalp is not good for it and it also clogs your hair follicles. The grease makes it difficult for water and moisturizers to penetrate your hair and scalp. It clogs your pores. I am amazed at how many women still have this practice from childhood. If you have dandruff, grease on the scalp will worsen it, so you should definitely avoid this weekly regimen. If you must stay connected to some type of oil out of habit try an oil sheen spray. Spray a little on the hair and brush it through. Massaging the scalp daily is a much better alternative to grease and it aids hair growth.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #2
To my beautiful Caucasian sisters,here is some unsolicited advice. If you love bleach, it will not love you back. Bleach is extremely hard on the hair. It dries it out. If you do not heavily moisturize your hair and you are in love with bleach, you’re headed towards “hair repair”. Bleaching opens the cuticle – the outer layer of your hair, which causes the hair shaft to be porous. The more porous your hair, the more dry brittle and fragile it becomes. Healthy hair when wet can stretch up to 50% of its length. Unhealthy hair will most times only stretch one-fifth of its length. Bleach causes the hair to sometimes tangle very easily. Once bleached hair has been damaged, the damage cannot be reversed. The hair oftentimes begins to break and you have to cut the bleached portion of your hair off. If after all this advice you still insist on bleaching, make sure you deep condition and moisturize your hair at least once a week.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #3
Two nutrients that are great for the hair are silica and essential fatty acids. Silica restores hair’s natural shine and also reinforces the cortex. EFAs deposit moisture into the hair which restores elasticity. If your hair is brittle, begin to add essential fatty acids to your diet. Foods that are rich in EFAs include flaxseed, olives, sardines, herring, fresh tuna, salmon, mackerel, avocados and some nuts.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #4
On several occasions, I have written about healthy diet – healthy hair. Today’s 411 will give you additional food selections that promote healthy hair growth and a couple that do not. Here are three things that could cause hair loss: 1) Sunny side up eggs that are not fully cooked. Raw runny egg whites can cause hair loss. Raw yolks are OK for the hair but not raw whites. 2) Extremely low calorie diets and energy depletion. Now, here are some additional great food choices to promote healthy hair: Yogurt, pork tenderloin, soy, tuna, mackerel, peanut butter, brown rice, broccoli, potatoes, whole wheat bread, milk, cheese and protein bars.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #5
I recently had a facial and during the service, the esthetician said, ”I can see a little dehydration going on with your skin.” I frowned and thought “gosh, I drink water all the time.” She gave me a tip that I’m passing on to you. Go to Fruitful Yield and purchase a bottle of vitamin C. It’s great for the skin and will promote hydration similar to fruits and vegetables. Get the vitamin C that includes bioflavonoid which helps fight free radicals. If you couple your daily dosage of vitamin C with a serving of your favorite fruit, your skin will begin to show the difference. Whenever I noticed a smoother look to my skin, I would think about what I had eaten the day before, and most times fruit was on the menu.

 J. Alison’s 411  | Tip #6
Here is another tip for those who are dealing with thinning hair. Folicure is a great root stimulator! The Folicure line has a formula product that works great for fine and thinning hair and also a thickening mousse for everyday moisture. This product can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Be patient; it takes 3-6 months before you will see a good improvement in the quality of your hair, but it works!

 J. Alison’s 411  | Tip #7
For those of you that are experiencing breakage, you can help restore hair health in between salon visits with the following inexpensive treatment: Mix 3 tablespoons of canola oil with 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Heat in microwave 30-45 seconds. Let it cool until it’s just warm. Apply throughout hair until covered from root to ends. Wrap a warm towel around your head and leave wrapped for 30 mins. Wash out with moisturizing shampoo. Perform once every two weeks.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #8
If you suffer from dry and/or brittle hair; it can be nourished in between salon visits with a simple fix. Coconut oil. Yep. Read up on all it’s nutritional and health benefits. Massage 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into your hair from root to ends and wrap hair in warm towel or plastic cap. Leave on 15 minutes. Rinse out with moisturizing shampoo. In addition; trim your split ends every 3 weeks. This will promote hair growth.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #9
For those of you who suffer with dandruff, try this easy remedy. Aloe Vera gel has many uses and another one is the control and elimination of dandruff. Apply Aloe Vera gel directly to the entire scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes then wash out with moisturizing shampoo. Repeat this treatment once weekly.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #10
What are some of the main reasons why a woman’s hair falls out after the use of a relaxer? #1 Relaxer left on the hair too long. #2 Relaxer applied right after permanent color application. #3 Over-processing, which mean relaxers given too close in succession, as well as it being applied to previously relaxed hair rather than new growth only.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip #11
Have you ever wondered why the infamous Jheri Curl seemed to actually grow African American hair at a very fast pace? Well, it’s just like watering a plant appropriately and watching it flourish. Plants need water in order to grow and so does our hair. The hair needs moisture in order to flourish. So when you put moisture back into the hair on a regular basis, it will respond just like a plant and grow. Two oils that are great for putting moisture back into the hair are Sweet Almond Oil, and Jojoba Oil. Jojoba oil is very stable and can be stored for years without going rancid. In regards to Sweet Almond Oil – *WARNING* if you have a nut allergy DO NOT use Sweet Almond Oil on your hair.

 J. Alison’s 411  |  Tip#12
To those of you that are wearing weaves. If you are keeping your weave in longer than six weeks (which in my opinion is six weeks is too long) you are doing your own hair a disservice. And all of this Indian Remi hair that boasts you can use it up to a year has aided this extended wear with weaves. Weaves need to be removed and replaced often. It’s a fact. your hair needs to be washed, conditioned and strengthened solo. Meaning – minus the weave. And one more tip, if you are going to wear a weave for a year or longer, stop the relaxers. Yes it will be hell coming that nappy hair after washing and braiding it back up, but trust me, weaves for a YEAR plus relaxers do not make a healthy head of hair. I’m sure there are exceptions, but it is NOT the rule.




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